Welcome to our new bola tie page!

The top 4 items are made from Kingman Az. turquoise. The bottom 3 are from the area, also. These are a new items for us and we hope you enjoy the selections! For expanded view, descriptions and secure order page, simply click the photo of the item you wish to view. Thank you for taking the time to view these items.


turqbolagold.jpg (313149 bytes)

40  left


turqbolasilver.jpg (330081 bytes)

10  left


turqnuggetbola.jpg (235542 bytes)

75 left


lgturqbola.jpg (193459 bytes)

7 left


woodbola.jpg (449652 bytes)

12 left


tigerbola.jpg (354132 bytes)

18 left


tearbola.jpg (515392 bytes)

6 left









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